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Margaret Cooke GRCH FACC



Ascension classes:

What is Ascension?

Ascension is a place of enlightenment on every level. It is where the soul and physical body become one.

By transcending all negativity, illusion and fear it allows us to become Ascended masters, while remaining in our physical body on the earth plane.

Ascension is a time of change, it helps us to raise our vibration, in turn expanding our consciousness and our hearts.

Our three fold flame is our natural essence of love, power and wisdom.

It flows and connects with the light of God/ Source.

About the Ascension classes

These are basic Ascension classes for those on a spiritual path.

The classes are for anyone who would like to know more about developing the higher mind.

Ascension also helps with channelling and communicating with the higher ‘beings’ of love and light.

The Ascension classes are divided into 3 modules. Each module consists of 6 sessions. The 6th session is used to reflect and discuss the content of the previous 5 followed by a short verbal test.


Once the tutor is satisfied that a full understanding of the module is met you will be presented with a certificate.

Only when a student completes module 3 will they qualify as a teacher of Ascension.

Students are not required to complete all 3 modules this is a personal preference, however completing the module you sign up to is essential for a full understanding of the topics covered.

The classes are once every 2 weeks and last for 3 hours. Paperwork and diagrams for each topic discussed are given out throughout the course.

There will be time for discussion, questions and answers to help the student become more confident and spiritually aware.

During every class the student will receive a spiritual activation, the activations will help to raise the students vibration to a much higher level of spiritual understanding.

The classes are relaxed and joyful, you will be amazed at the amount of spiritual knowledge and wisdom you will gain, the classes help with all aspects of life.

Students do not need to have any qualifications to join the class.

How to sign up for the Ascension class

If you are interested in the classes but would like to know more please contact me via the contact form below or feel free to call me. Contact details are at the bottom of my website.

I can let you know availability and dates, spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Venue West Mersea, Essex (20 mins from A 12 and 20 mins from Colchester town centre)

Cost from £30 per person, per session.






TEL: 01206 384 217

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